on taking a step forward in your spiritual development.
I invite you to take a holistic approach to personal healing
and self-discovery… implementing tools for change.

About Me

“The only way to heal is to awaken,
and only through awakening can we make change."

Originally from New South Wales Australia, I was born a highly intuitive; even as a child I was known for my sensitivity, empathy and insight. Being able to feel the emotions, situations and circumstances of those around me have become a wonderful and useful tool brought into my adulthood. 

Growing up I faced many personal challenges coming to terms with my gifts, how to use it well, when to apply it and when to share it wisely. This took time, practice, experience, and many personal failures that I have had to fully embrace. What we perceive as disadvantages can become some of our greatest gifts.

In society we are encouraged to solve problems with our minds, yet our minds can only give us the solutions we already know. Beyond what we are told, we have a much more powerful tool for creating the life we want, through our emotions. What we think of as emotion is the experience of energy moving through the body. This is usually felt as sensations such as tension, expansion or calmness. Emotion is the Latin derivative of the word ‘emotere’, which literally means energy in motion. 

When we resist listening to our emotions or intuition, when ignore the signs and skip over the universal crumb trail, we find ourselves in repeating patterns of distress, anxiety, and feeling like there’s no way out. I’ve arrived at a beautiful place in my life, as a spiritual advisor, to help you awaken from these patterns to achieve abundant clarity in your personal and professional lives.

Spiritual growth challenges us and opens us up to compassion, love, and things that make our lives fuller and richer. It gives life a deeper meaning and strengthens the connection between you and your inner wisdom. Being connected to your inner guidance will, in turn, lead you to live a life full of gratitude and giving.

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse range of people from all walks of life. Through my own practice, Healing Networks, I have guided people to gain a sense of clarity using the intuitive senses that was I born with and offer practical tools I have developed along the way. 

I am extremely grateful to be able to share with you my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance. While these terms may sound complicated, their underlying concept is quite simple: I see, feel, hear, and know spiritual information beyond the ‘average’ senses. I reach out and engage with the universe in a divine conversation about you, your past, and what you can do in the ‘now’ for your future.  

“My brain is only a receiver,
in the universe there is a core from which
we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.”
-Nikola Tesla

Coming from a varied business background as a training and development consultant, my primary focus was providing leadership and management tools to businesses in team development, client engagement and retention. I utilised my strong intuitive gifts to help clients achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. I was able to sharpen my spiritual gifts to the benefit of my colleagues and work personnel. 

Despite enjoying the strong focus on relationship management and business operations, in this work I felt that my deep passion for spiritual development was not being fulfilled. I found myself regularly disappointed about certain policies and procedural decisions that were imposed without any consideration of their impact on the people involved.  

I would often find myself saying: “I feel very strongly that if we push through with this objective, we will face some detrimental problems.” The response was always confusion. “You feel strongly, do you? Where’s your stats?”

Over time, I learnt to use my voice and find my backbone. People generally operate in fear of intuition. Most people tend to think it’s creativity without substance; however, it’s a powerful and healthy tool that anyone can use at anytime, anywhere. 

Spending up to almost twenty years of working in various business environments, I felt that I was well-positioned to embark on a solo journey to coach and guide people full-time. The universe has pushed me through leaps and bounds to be here now: present with you in dedicating my empathic abilities to your greater wellbeing.

“The distinction between the past, present and future
is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."
-Albert Einstein

Providing personalised guidance for you to tap into your intuition, inner compass, and higher self is the aim of our journey together. As an energy reader, I can draw back the curtains of everyday noise and effortlessly see the points at which you require emotional healing and adjustment. 

As a spiritual counsellor I allow you recognise the areas of opportunity within your life, to help grow your spirit. It’s very rare that I have to work with anyone, face to face – all sessions are conducted online via video chat. This means that you can gain assistance from anywhere in the world! 

Your energy and the universe have already shared with me what it is that I can help you with. Holding space for you virtually on how to heal yourself and lead a more joyful life with clarity is an absolute privilege to me, and something that I am deeply grateful for.  

Our past, present and future co-exist beautifully in the energy streams of the universe. Together, we tap into the blockages of the past, to empower you in the present and assist you in making conscious change for the future. 

We are all sacred beings of light and energy. Just as scientists have changed the behaviour of sub-atomic particles merely by observing them, so too can we manifest change within our own lives by focusing attention on the outcomes we desire. 

Let’s do so together with an open mind and an open heart.