Online Course | Intuitive Awakening Workshop

Online Intuitive Development Course commences Thursday 31st of January 6.30pm. ⁣
♡ You do not need to live in Australia to take this workshop, available to anyone internationally
♡ Early bird discount 149AUD until January 10th 2019. Full Cost after Jan 10th is 199AUD
♡ Replays of every session available incase you cannot make it on time
Weekly course dates:
Thursday January 31st 6.30pm
Thursday February 7th 6.30pm
Thursday February 14th 6.30pm
Thursday February 21st 6.30pm
Thursday February 28th 6.30pm
Please see the timezone / world clock calendar to assess your appointment times
Develop your intuition in an exclusive online group & receive a weekly toolkit with meditations for you to work through in between webinars. This ensures you exercise your intuitive muscle 👁️ with ongoing facebook group support.
A five week Intuitive Development programme with Flerida, weekly topics & steps to enhancing your psychic channels + meeting your spirit guides.
This programme combined with specifically created meditations are designed to enhance your intuition & psychic development, awaken your third eye, help bridge your connection to your spirit guides and release any emotional blockages through self healing, love & forgiveness.
5 week program:
♡ 1 hour webinar sessions delivered a week held within an exclusive facebook group, access to the video recording of every session. Replays available.
♡ Access to 11:11:11 Intuitive Development Meditations to use
♡ Took kit provided in facebook group for participants to work through in between online classes
♡ Statement of attainment given upon completion
♡ All course participants will receive a personalised email with further instructions to commence
Weekly Intuitive development course topics:
♡ I Am / Eye Am 
♡ Third Eye Activation
♡ Release & Forgive
♡ Meeting your spirit guide / higher self 
♡ Closing your third eye & grounding
When we are dedicated to our personal development, we are then able to more easily connect with our higher selves, guides, and Spirit – as you try out psychic tools & meditations in self development. 
Psychic development, Intuitive development, is essential to our modern world. Together, we open the energetic channels, unlocking deep parts within ourselves that we have lost along our life path. This training is delivered with the desired outcome of empowering you to see, hear and feel ALL that is around & within you.
Daily, we miss so many hidden messages due to our busy lives that sometimes we never see the answers to our questions that are right in front of us.
Like all skills, intuition needs to be identified, declared, nurtured and expanded.
Knowledge and education is the way to unlock the doors and break down internal blocks. It helps us to grow and expand our existence. It helps us to trust what we receive is right for us, and to work with our messages daily. In order to heal others with our gifts we first must break down our own inner barriers and heal our wounds to make this happen.
This 5 week programme is delivered via live conference video which all class participants have access to during and replays available at anytime.
This is a great way for you to learn at your own pace, share your personal psychic experiences privately with course attendees and ask questions within in a safe and supportive setting.
Please email for any queries


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Course Participant Testimonials

Flerida’s transparency and respect for each individual’s progress (whilst naturally being sensitive and mindful of the collective group) opened up all attendees to a profound experience in a beautiful atmospheric setting.⁣

Flerida’s natural deep care for others and her willingness to share her extensive knowledge with an attitude of playfulness allowed us each to connect deeply with ourselves, and with each other in a creative variety of ways. There were many powerful tears of release shared as well as many belly laughs in the process. ⁣

Flerida has a natural flow about her which makes others feel loved and cared for. She held a warm, safe, relaxed and fun space which is a gift in itself!⁣

This ability alone made way for personal growth and powerful release, giving me incredible insight into who I am. It was especially useful being gifted practical tools- I sensed Flerida deeply cared about empowering us- with part of her gift being to help us see in ourselves what is already there, and to know how to use it.⁣

Her generosity of spirit, and her enthusiasm to learn from others enabled a fun loving environment for learning. ⁣

I left the workshop feeling incredibly energised and a lot more connected to myself and others. My confidence has dramatically improved since i have been learning from Flerida, as she has helped me to feel understood and to accept the amazing gifts within.⁣

Thank you Flerida for this experience! I cannot wait for the next instalment! – Nicole Carter